The Psychology of Productivity

A proven system to accomplish more, defeat procrastination, and take control of your day using tactics backed by psychology

Are you tired of not having complete control of your day?

Feeling defeated.

We've all had those days. 

Those days where you binge watch your favorite series on Netflix. 

Or you just sit around for a while and think, but don't do anything. Like, you could do something if you wanted to... but you don't really want to. 

I'll be honest, I've had a lot of those days. 

In fact, I can prove others have them too, check out some of the most common questions I get:

Feeling unmotivated, defeated, and lazy is easy. It's the path of least resistance

This was a problem for me because I want an awesome lifestyle of helping people and doing adventurous things.

But you can't live that life by sitting around all day while accomplishing nothing on your todo list. 

So I started reading books on productivity and taking productivity courses and talking to experts who accomplish ten times what you and I normally do. 

There were secrets!

They had little tricks and tips that helped them.

I learned how to turn even the worst, crummy, and groggy days to powerhouses that took me leaps towards my monthly goals. 

So many things were crossed off my monthly goal list... that I had to think bigger goals!

Does procrastination delay your goals?

Let me tell you a story of how I almost permanently affected the health of my heart with 3 months of procrastination. 

Around January of 2018, I stopped going to the gym. 

Other projects just got in the way, so I stopped putting it on my daily to-do list... then my health goals fell off my radar. 

I sacrificed my health to work on my business. 

By March, I started having weird headaches. Well, they got so bad I decided to look into it. 

So I took my blood pressure: 

I'm 21 years old and I technically have high blood pressure. (Clinical Hypertention Stage 2 is 140/90 or higher)

I procrastinated on going to the gym and paid for it. 

You can bet I did something about it...

I immediately started going back to the gym. Pumping iron felt great, and so did I!

What happened when I stopped procrastinating and went to the gym an hour a day?

I lost 11 pounds (probably all fat!) in 3 weeks. ⚖️

My bench-press went from 125 to 175 in two months. 💪

My blood pressure fell to normal levels within 4 months... along with some healthier meals 😋:

The doctor said it fell so quickly because I'm young and I'd been going to the gym for a couple years before I stopped. 

Anyways, that's how a little procrastination and "putting off" my workouts lead to a drastic change in my mood and overall health. Because trust me, you feel a lot different when your heart doesn't have to work as hard!

Imagine what you could do if you stopped procrastinating on things like:

  • Starting your business
  • Eating healthier
  • Spending time with your family and friends
  • check
    Investing in your future
  • check
    Saving for retirement
  • check
    Finishing your homework sooner

What if you could triple your work accomplished?

Think of everything you accomplished last week. 

Actually, think about everything you wanted to accomplish this week. 

Now, imagine accomplishing everything on your weekly to-do list. Now triple that. 

Instead of reading 1 book, you read 3 books. 

Instead of going on 2 dates with your significant other, you go on 6.

Instead of having 3 hours of free time, you now have figured out a way to have 9. 

That's what I did after I found out the "secrets of productivity". They're not exactly secrets, but you do need to know them to become more productive. It's like playing the piano.

Once you learn a song... it becomes memory and is super easy to play upon request, but until you learn... you can try and try and try and you'll most likely fail. 

I bet by now you're super curious as to what these "secrets" are. In fact, I had my friend proofread this page and he stopped reading and asked me to teach him! 

Theoretically, I could coach you just like I coached him, and charge literally $1999 for 10 coaching sessions. It happens, and it happens often. I have a business friend in my industry who literally does this...

But I don't want to coach you, instead I want you to learn from videos I've already created!

I have actually created a library of videos that exponentially increases your productivity using a simple system. 

You might be wondering, "How can I learn this system?"...

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Introducing: The Psychology of Productivity

psychology of productivity

A proven system to accomplish more, defeat procrastination, and take control of your day using tactics backed by psychology. With over 15 videos optimized to help you become more effective, motivated, and excited to to tackle your day.

The Psychology of Productivity is an online video course with lifetime access and future updates. You'll also get follow-along PDFs if you want to print out the course like a book. And, you'll get a downloadable MP3 with each video so you can listen to the content anywhere, anytime... forever!


I'm a busy mom and when I heard Theodore was creating a course on productivity, I thought it could help me. Because  I am in other Practical Psychology courses, I got an early link to buy it and I can say I've already earned my money back in the free time I get each day. Definitely recommend this as a mother of 4!


Stacey P.

Busy mom


I'm in college and have a lot on my plate between classes, clubs, and my part time job. A few videos in this course helped me speed up my studying. I really liked how quickly I learned the stuff. They should teach this in your intro to college classes because it's really helpful to students. 


Hannah T.

College Sophomore


Your productivity is determined by your focus, and that's the best thing I learned in this course. I'm a writer so focusing for a few hours is really helpful. I learned 4 super helpful strategies from this course that I didn't know and after implementing them, I went from writing 2 hours to writing for 4 hours each day. Definitely recommend if you want to actually accomplish your goals quicker. 


Neiko A.


What exactly is in The Psychology of Productivity?

Here's a list of some of the videos in the course:

  • How the Pareto Principle can allow you to work 1/5 of the time
  • Parkinson's Law and getting a month's worth of tasks done in a week
  • Why Batching is the most underrated productivity hack
  • Alarm Clock
    Understanding human Energy Cycles
  • Alarm Clock
    Willpower is a Battery
  • The 1% Rule of Productivity
  • Fully understanding the Beast of Procrastination
  • How to Create Habits that will work for you
  • How to Destroy harmful habits with little effort
  • Minimalism in a nutshell
  • The Multitasking Myth
  • The Famous Pomodoro Time-Chunking Technique 
  • Achieving Optimal Experience with Flow
  • Maximizing your work with proper Outsourcing and Automation
  • Prioritizing your life with a 4-quadrant Eisenhower Matrix


If you’re ready to triple down and learn to about the foundations of productivity by using a proven system to accomplish more, defeat procrastination, and take control of your day using tactics backed by psychology… click the red “ENROLL NOW” button below to get instant access to all of these value-packed video modules and lifetime access to all future updates of the full Psychology of Productivity course.


This resource and library of content is all about becoming more productive and giving you the tools to accomplish more next week than you did last week. I've put a lot of time and research into developing this system, tested it on people in my life and they've seen amazing results. I believe in this process, and if you're investing in it, it should work you should too.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Join the program, test my tips, and see for yourself.

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2) S.M.A.R.T Goal Checklist

To accomplish your goals, you need have a goal-setting formula. This checklist optimizes your goal planning routine to encourage you to actually accomplish them in the desired time frame!

3) Daily Productivity Planner

Your yearly goals starts with your daily routine. You'll get complete access to the exact daily routines and journaling outlines I've created in the past couple years. 

4) Time Management Audit

You might be wasting time where you don't think you are, and you might find you have a few hours each day to spend creating passive income, building your business, or spending with your family. Take this time audit to discover hidden hours in your day. 

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